4 Must Have Money Saving Apps You Should Use in 2015

Saving money in 2015 is easier than you think with helpful money saving apps at your disposal. Whether you use Apple's App Store or Android's Google Play, there are literally thousands of apps you can choose from. Now the problem is how to you choose which ones are the best for your needs.

To help you whittle the choices effective, we've done most of the brunt work and compiled these great apps designed especially for helping users save money more effectively in 2015.


YNAB or otherwise known as You Need a Budget is another money-saving app you must try in 2015. The app has been dubbed as one of the best budgeting apps in the market today. Designed especially for mobile use particularly iPhones and Android handsets, YNAB allows you to record your financial transactions including expenses and purchases in one place. With YNAB at your disposal, you don't have to deprive yourself just so you stay within budget in 2015.


Launched in December 2014, the Go application helps you save money on car insurance in just seconds. The application is based on the miles you use and it helps you save as much as 30% in 30 seconds. It is so good and effective that even Apple used it as a main banner feature.

Because car insurance is something majority of people must have, Go has positioned itself as one of the best money-saving tools you must have if you want to save significant amounts of money in 2015.


Because people are becoming more social by the year, the Cosign app was launched to let you share what you wear and get paid for it in the process.  In other words, you share what wear on social media via Cosign and you can get paid for doing so. You can take selfies of your outfits and other products you recommend other try and Cosign pays you a commission from 3 to 35% for every purchase completed through your links.


If Go lets you save on your car insurance, GasBuddy was created so you have the best app to save on gas. With GasBuddy on your mobile phone, you can now find the cheapest gas stations in the area. This is especially helpful for people who are always on the road and who are unfamiliar with gas prices in different areas.