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When is the Right Time to Go All Cash?

If you're drowning in debt and you want to get out of the situation as quickly as possible, your best option might be to go all cash for the time being. Whether in 2015 or any other year for that matter, cash will always remain king especially if you're dealing with debt.

If you've been used to using plastic for years, however, this move may be difficult. Going cash is also not always the best option for everyone. It pays to consider the pros and cons of the situation first before jumping on board.

4 Must Have Money Saving Apps You Should Use in 2015

Saving money in 2015 is easier than you think with helpful money saving apps at your disposal. Whether you use Apple's App Store or Android's Google Play, there are literally thousands of apps you can choose from. Now the problem is how to you choose which ones are the best for your needs.

To help you whittle the choices effective, we've done most of the brunt work and compiled these great apps designed especially for helping users save money more effectively in 2015.

How to Stay Within Budget in 2015

The first month of the year is not yet over but many people have already complained about their finances. This is no surprise because staying on budget no matter the month of the year is a difficult feat to achieve. But it's not impossible either. At the end of the day, it's all about taking advantage of money saving tricks and hacks that will work for your situation.

Here are simple and surefire money-saving hacks and tricks that may help you:

Six Simple Ways to Build Good Credit

If you've ever been rejected for a personal loan or a mobile phone contract because of bad credit, you probably already know by now how important it is to have good credit. Having good credit means it will be easier for you financially when dealing with lenders and providers. That's why it's very important for every responsible consumer to actively work on building their credit scores.

If you want to start building your credit score, here are some simple ways to do just that:

Your Quick Guide to Credit Scores

Whether you like it or not, credit scores matter. It is especially important if you're planning to take out a personal loan or if you're applying for a new mobile phone plan this 2015. It is therefore important for you to understand how credit scores work before jumping on any financial decision. Below is your quick and beginner guide to credit scores.
What is a credit score?

How to Buy a Smartphone in 2015

In this day and age when mobile phones are considered necessities more than luxuries, buying a mobile phone has become a serious business. It's no longer enough to pick the most gorgeous looking cellphone you've first set your eyes on. With the latest cellphones becoming more expensive each year, you wouldn't want to spend money on one you cannot fully maximize.
To make sure you're going to get your money's worth in the long run, here are key things you need to know about mobile phones before finalizing your buying decision: