What phones do you offer?

Because of our deep and reliable connections with the country’s leading networks, we have the most extensive selection of handsets that you won’t find in any other bad credit mobile application sites.

We have basic phones, feature phones, and a few select smartphones that you can acquire, with our right guidance. While the likes of the Galaxy and iPhone may be out of reach right now, there’s a good chance you can qualify for them in the future, once you’ve proved your worthiness.

How long should I wait for the results?

Once you’ve completed the application process (which takes less than a minute), we will review your details and send you our best recommendation within one to two hours. This means no worrying for days or weeks on end not knowing what the result will be.

How can I get my new phone?

If you got approved for a mobile contract, you don’t really have to leave your home or do anything, for that matter. All you need is to wait for about 2-3 days, and your new mobile will be delivered straight to your doorstep!

What if I don’t want a new phone?

Much better! If you don’t need a new phone now, we suggest you apply for SIM only contracts, which are not only more flexible, but cheaper as well. And because there’s no mobile included to begin with, your approval is almost guaranteed!

How much will I pay monthly?

Your monthly payment depends on three factors - the type of contract you’re applying for, the amount of credits included, and the type of phone included. If you’re applying for a regular mobile contract, you can expect to pay between £20 and £60 monthly. Meanwhile, if you are applying for a SIM only deal, you can expect to pay between £5 and £25 monthly.

Will this amount change?

Of course not. You can rest assured that you’re not going to pay more than the amount that you agreed, until the end of your contract period. The only way you will have to pay more is if you exceed your monthly allowance.

Do I really need to change my number?

If you want to keep your existing number, you have the option to do so by simply porting your old number. To do this, call your present provider about 30 days before your new contract starts, in order to obtain the PAC code which will be needed to port your old number.

Is there any price difference if I applied directly through a physical store?

No. The amounts presented on the online store will be the same as those on the networks’ high street stores, so by applying online you’ll be able to save time.

How long should I be tied up to the service?

The deals on our database are one of the most flexible ones in the market. While you can expect a regular contract to last between 18 and 24 months, SIM only offers last no more than a year, and as short as 30 days!

Is your service free?

Definitely! We don’t charge a fee for using our comparison service. Our competitors may promise you the same, but you’ll be surprised to find out that there are hidden costs associated. Meanwhile, we are completely transparent, and you’ll only have to pay what you see.

What if I decide to withdraw my application?

No problem! If you applied through us and suddenly changed your mind, just give us a call and we will withhold your application immediately.

What happens to my personal information?

Any information that you send through our secured server will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Rest assured that we will never sell, share, or trade any of your sensitive information to third parties without your permission.

What are the benefits of getting a mobile contract?

The most evident benefit with a mobile contract is that you can acquire a new phone even without cash, because you can pay on a subsidised basis, and the cost will be included in your monthly bills. Second, with a mobile contract, you don’t need to top up any longer. You don’t run the risk of not being able to send an important message or call. Lastly, you save money on tariffs, especially if you are a heavy user. You can choose an all-unlimited bundle, which will help you save a lot in the long run. You may also be able to include family members within the same plan for more discounts.

Is a mobile contract for me?

It may be safe to say that a mobile contract suits different types of people. Whatever your needs are, you can always customise your plan to fit your usage. Still, not everyone will always benefit or save money out of a phone contract. If you are a very light user, or if you always travel overseas, chances are you’d be better off with PAYG instead.