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Are you struggling with bad credit? Does it prevent you from getting approved for loans, credit cards, or even a mobile contract? We can help! If you have lost count how many times you got rejected for a mobile phone contract, you need expert assistance to guide you through the application process, and that’s where we’re good at! To get started, just fill out our online form with your contact details, and we’ll call you back with a FREE quote and advice!

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To get started, just fill out our online form with your contact details, and we’ll call you back with a FREE quote and advice!

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What We Do

WePhone compares mobile phone deals across the whole country, even those coming from the most reputable networks such as Vodafone, O2, and EE, just to name a few. We study the market and compile all available deals which are currently on offer, making sure that you get the first update each time a new one is released. Apart from that, we also look closely at those deals where others with credit problems have approved for, in order to make sure that we can help you just the same.

  • WePhone compares mobile phone deals across the whole country.
  • We study the market and compile all available deals which are currently on offer.
  • We also look closely at those deals where others with credit problems have approved for.

Our company is led by a team of phone specialists who have had decades of experience in the mobile industry. Our team studies your individual situation very carefully, so that we can appropriately point you to one that best meets your needs and budget.

In short, we make things a lot easier! Instead of you going through each application process without knowing what the result will be, we do all the dirty work. We pass information straight away to you, so that you don’t have to waste time searching for deals that you don’t qualify for in the first place.

The Real Deal with No Credit Check Mobile Phones

Still, it’s not to say that you don’t stand a chance in getting a contract phone. In fact, when you use our site, the odds of you getting a mobile contract successfully are higher. By using our comparison service, combined with these smart tips, you’re on your way to getting your dream contract phone soon!

Go Easy on Your Applications

Phone companies, like any other businesses, do not like it when you send in too many applications all at the same time. For them, it is a red flag that you’re either too desperate or that you’re planning to bail out on them all at once. If you want better results, space out your applications at least every three to six months, and only apply for one provider where the chances of you getting approved are highest.

Lower Your Standards

Sure, one of the most exciting reasons in getting a mobile contract is the new phone to come with it. However, if you’re planning to apply for the new iPhone 6, chances are the provider will reject you without batting an eyelash. This type of phone is risky to provide, which is why only those with perfect credit can qualify. If all you’re after is getting a mobile contract successfully, you can apply instead for cheaper phones or older, but still capable smartphones.

Get SIM-Only Instead of a Regular Mobile Contract

Meanwhile, if you’re not in a hurry to replace your existing phone, you should consider applying for SIM only deals. Compared to regular mobile contracts, the monthly tariffs are lower, and getting them is easier because there’s no mobile phone included. Additionally, the contract lengths are much shorter – ranging between 30 days and one year, giving you much flexibility.

Provide a Security Deposit

A security deposit is one of the ways in which you can prove that you’re serious with your application, and besides it lowers the network’s risk if part of the phone’s price is paid off in cash. Depending on the phone model you’re applying for, expect to pay between 50% and 75% of the handset’s value. Don’t worry, because you can get it back later after a few months, when you have proved good payment behaviour.

Pay Off Overdue Bills

Another red flag for providers is when you have too many outstanding debts, because it raises their doubts if you are still capable of paying your mobile bills in the future. To make a good impression, aim to pay off or significantly reduce your present debts. Not only will it help your mobile application, but it can make a huge impact on your finances in general.

Check Your Credit Report for Errors

In some cases, credit score problems may simply be caused by errors on your credit report that you are not aware of. If you think you’re up-to-date with your bills, but still you end up getting rejected for a mobile phone contract, perhaps your credit report contains a major error. Before reapplying, request for a copy of your credit report, and make sure that all details are accurate, and all accounts that listed there actually belong to you.

Make Sure Your Name is Listed on the Electoral Roll

Networks require that the applicant has a strong proof of identity, and one of the best and simplest ways to do this is by being registered on the electoral. Make sure that your name is properly spelled, and that your present and permanent address is listed.

Ask the Help of a Guarantor

Lastly, if all other methods have failed you, perhaps you may need the help of someone else to guarantee that you are going to meet your monthly bills. If you know someone who has good credit rating, they can help make your application a lot easier.

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